Josie Cunningham Loose Woman

Josie Cunningham thanks the Loose Women presenters, after wishing Happy Birthday, she thanks the show after her last appearance on ITV’s Loose Women, admitting that receiving public unbiased opinions of the loose women she sought hep within a month, admitting she needed help dealing with her issues, learning that life does not revolve around materialistic things, its beauty within that matters and says she feels beautiful inside. Having not been on social media for five months this is a limited appearance in the media, stating the months have been so tranquil, not missing what peoples negatives opinions towards her. Horrifically bullied since the age of 13, suffered being urinated, attached everyday, for having a big nose and no boobs, even poured petrol on and threaten to be set on fire! After having a termination because she wanted a nose job, deeply regrets going against what she calls her own morals and beliefs to terminate for cosmetic reasons, she is once again pregnant and expecting a baby, having decided against having a nose job, her friend Rob is the father of her due child. She count be more prepared now for this baby, her teeth are still manky and she is managing to smile.

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