Sex club GB with Pixiee Little & Sade Rose


Gangbanger escorts Sade Rose & Pixie Little are very eager and ready for some cock, which is all well and good as these sex parties are always have a good number of punters in attendance ready to use the sex club facilities.

Both Sade and Pixiee soon have a cock or two each to suck, before duo sucking a couple of the solo cocks, their tongues work the shaft and glans at the same time, their tongues in close proximity, which is a bonus for Pixiee, especially as she’s into girls.

Once the pumping pussy penetration has begun, the girls are getting more horny to service as many punters as they can, all those rubbered-up dicks for the sluts cunts, the bare cocks are in hand being sucked.

The party really gets into groove once the first few spunkers are soon ejaculating on the girls, one after another the spunkers line up to deposit their sperm on the girls faces and bodies, Pixiee seems to be taking the most of the spunk.

Look at how expertly Sade Rose sucks a big black cock, she defiantly looks like she’s experienced a few of those in her mouth, which she’s soon got BBC in her fanny hole.

Once the spunk-soaked sluts have services all the club punters, they find time for some sensual girl-on-girl kissing, which you can easily identify that Pixiee is really into.


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