Bambi Cumslutwhore30 & Creamy Kim barebacking party


Here we have “sluts”, three sluts, to be precise. There’s Bambi, Cumslutwhore30, and Creamy Kim (Kay Kay), who’re the creampie cumsluts on show today for all the bare punters at another one of Bambi Blacks legendary barebacking parties in Sheffield.

Cum slut whore thirty is looking a little worse for wear, looking like she’s already being used, well she has, she got a bad case of spunk eye from the worlds biggest spunker.

All 3 sluts are directed by Bowser to turn around and show off their holes, arse first, to all the punters who are patiently waiting, bed side, already stripped and mostly stroking their cocks ready for some bareback escort fucking action.

Cum slut Kimmy Kay Kay is a little reluctant to show off her goods to start with, it takes some encouragement from Bambi before she slips her panties aside and shows of both her bare hole ready for use.

It’s not longer after the whores have displayed their barebacking holes, that the bare punters are giving these sluts some fucking dicks, Cum slut whore 30 sucking, she shoes her deep throating skills with one of the punters uncovered cocks, he’s a big one and she throats virtually the lot!

It’s then you get to see how competently this cum slut whore’s pussy can equally handle the length of the master cock, barebacking her filthy cunt.

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