Toned Musclemilfuk FemDoms Rubber Gimp


Muscle milf Alex from Stoke is the mistress featured in this female domination video.

Her submissive escort client is dress in a PVC gimp suit with hood, tied by his wrists and ankles, spread on the bed. Allowing Muslemilf to access his entire body, unzipping the front of his catsuit only slightly to tease, she straddles him wearing a tint rubber miniskirt, PVC knee-high boots, crotchless fishnet stockings exposing her massive cunt.

Alex starts on her ride rubbing her meaty labia and big clit on the gimps rubber catsuit where his cock is directly beneath, she then climbs on his face, face-sitting and makes him give her oral, she whips out her big titties, squeezing them and pinching her nipples, she begins to feed her submissive.

Mistress then fits her slave with a dildo mouth gag, before climbing on the dildo portion and making her submissive do all the work with his head and face-fuck her. She sits in reverse so that she can tease his bulge, until she decides she’s had enough and feels he deserves some reward.

Musclemilf unzips the gimpsuit further allowing her submissive’s erection free, giving him a rubber glove hand job, she strokes him off until he’s spunking like a good boy, one ejaculation shoots towards his mistresses eye, but the vast majority of his cum ends up on himself. Alex uses her gloves to scoop up his load before feeding him and making him clean up his own mess.

It doesn’t end here… there’s more! Mistress Alex, decides she fancies some more oral, so resumes in sixty-nine oral-sex position, until he subject is horny again, before grabbing a big dildo to use on herself while her gimp watches and jerks himself off.

Musle milf then takes charge of her submissive’s penis, wanting it until he spinning his second load of the meeting, her tongue in contact with the tip of his cock as it erupts sperm, her pierced tongue licks the end of his now sensitive climaxed glans.

One thought on “Toned Musclemilfuk FemDoms Rubber Gimp

  1. Is the Muscle MILF related to the bodybuilder Meg Sylvester-Cielen? A definite resemblance, maybe mum or aunt?

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