Smoking Hot Emma Butt Smokes a Cigarette


Are you someone who feel sexually aroused by the act of a female smoking?

Sexy Emma Butt not only looks smoking-hot, she is on fire as she shows her feminine dominance of using a cigarette to arouse and humiliate you whilst she smokes.

Watch this popular UK pornstar escort, who is also a very experienced and competent femdom mistress (Mistress Pandora), as she takes a powerful deep drag on her classy long & slim cigarette, releasing some of the smoke from her mouth that is inhaled up her nostrils, she arches her pierced tongue to lip her top lip, before inhaling the smoke into her lungs before exhaling and blowing out her smoke.

Emma is a real Amazonian beauty; tall, long legs, slim but curvy and thick in places, she’s definitely very bust, as you can see, her large breasts and cleavage teasingly viewed through the transparency of her semi-opaque top as she lays on her front with her chest squashed against the bed. He long brunette is tinted with red hair dye, her classic glasses. she just looks classy and very grounded.

Another attribute that may go unnoticed is Emma’s esotropia strabismus (inward squinting eye), if you’re lucky enough you might get to see her eye squint as she peeks around the frame of her glasses as she sexually smokes.

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