Estella solo with fingers


Bratty porn star escort Estella Bathory is at Andy Baxter porn flat ready to shoot some sub slut porn with Pascal White, but before she does get into the role of submissive, she is doing a solo masturbation shoot.

Posh voiced London Estella, in knee high socks, skirt, vest top with no bra underneath, announced she is going to play with herself for the purpose of cumming.

Andy directs her to sit down on the leather sofa, god I bet there some female DNA soaked into the cushions on that thing. So, after selecting herself a sex toy to play with, she gets comfortable, sitting in the corner of the sofa, putting one of her legs up on it too, which reveals that she’s not wearing any underwear, no panties to cover her pussy, she flashes her meaty cunt.

What does her not wearing any knickers tell us about Estella, coupled with the fact that her hands immediately venture down to her cunt without Andy’s instruction – it say’s she’s a bit of a slut, who cannot wait to show her pussy off, because she wants everyone to see it!

This is Estella’s first time professional on porn, so it’s no surprise that when her fingers do eventually get inside her hole, she’s soaking wet, with sounds to prove it.

Andy discovers she’s chewing on gum, so makes her take it out and stick it on her forehead, while she continues to walk her cunt, then lifts her tight top to show her tits off, Andy gets in for a good view and a closeup of her juicy boobs.

Removing her fingers from her vagina, she is ordered to get her mouth nice & wet using her pussy juice soaked digits, putting her fingers down her throat, ramming them down her throat to make her gag and choke on them, creating lots of spit which she is made to spit on her nipples.

Her breasts are soon shining with Estella’s spit, at which point Pascal White joins, he grabs her let to position her foot touching his cock, dirty talking her while she continues to masturbate herself.


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