Needy Neighbour Violated


Introducing Devon Breeze to Pascal’s Sub Sluts as one of Pascal’s needy neighbours, who is in distress having lost her pet chihuahua Chi Chi, so has ended up looking around Pascal’s yard to see if she can retrieve her little doggy.

The lost pooch is old and hard of hearing, so after Andy introduces Pascal and himself and gets a good eye of her body, tight vest, denim jeans and knee-high boots, as she bends over to look under the Roll Royce, they hatch a plan to get Devon Breeze making as much noise as possible, by making her a very loud submissive slut.

However, as you will notice a big chunk of the start of this video is missing, that’s for legal reasons, the guys who deal with compliance felt that it may appear a little dubious regard the consent aspect and performing non-consensual sex, so unfortunately it was omitted from the final edit.

Take nothing away from Devin Breeze, having plenty of years experience as a porn whore and genuine escort, she’s a Scottish sex worker, based in Newcastle, but is always travelling up and down the UK punting. She is the exact definition of a nympho whore!

So, it’s not long before were witnessing a waterer-down version of violations Of A Neighbour In Need, Devon Breeze is topless, her big enhance breasts are hanging as she begins to perform her professional oral services on Pascal’s erection, leaving her jeans and leather knee boots on.

Cock sucking and deep-throating, assisted to depths by Pascal using his tie around her neck and pulling her onto his length, the familiar sounds of Pascals Sub Sluts begins, the gagging, coughing, choking and spluttering ensues, instructed to take is as deep as she can but not swallow any of the spit, instead just drool it on his cock and down her face.

Having taking a little throat-fucking and looking more the part, chin dribbling extreme oral sex mess, they lads hatch a plan to turn her into a bitch like a female dog, in hope that it might bring Chi Chi, chi is a male, running to the scent of the bitch on heat.

Like a true tramp, she’s soon stripped naked and allowing Pascal to give her anus a rough anal fucking, not enough, she’s frantically strumming her cunt lips and bean as she takes an hard ass fucking.

Devon takes a good botty boring, pile-driving her ass, she takes it like a breeze, before her pussy rides bareback, giving you a good view of her ass, evidence that the earlier cut-out content was hardcore, her big, round, red raw, spank-marked, butt cheeks bounce Pascal.

Devon is told that they like Pascal Sub Sluts to cum, so she’s given the word that she has to cum riding cock, so after reposition cock in pussy, watch her ride away, how fucking sexy does her natural tummy look!?

Back to cock in ass fucking, Devon also has the need to four-finger her pussy simultaneously, trying to recreate a vaginal/anal double penetration, which is further Brough to life when she’s handed a 12-inch double-ended dildo which soon has one in in her cunt, taking a good 7+ inches up her ass and another good 6 inch in her cunny.

Pascal soon names Devon ‘The anal whore’ as he does seem to have his dick in her anus quite a lot, Andy even has to ask if she’s had her pussy fucked yet. Nonetheless, she’s bent over in view of the patio doors, getting anal having her hair pulled, asked if she wants to be a sub slut? Choked, spanked and hard anal sex, she’s handed the double ended dong again to suck on while ass-fucked.

Pascal does his finish, unloaded his balls, wanking his tired cock off into her mouth and depositing his sperm directly into her tongue for her to swallow.

Our verdict is that we would love to see the full scene, including the excluded content that was considered to hard, Devon really is a professional whore. After she states how much she loved the shoot and considered it erotic, giving her own verdict + rugby team fantasies!


One thought on “Needy Neighbour Violated

  1. Would pay to see the unedited version that includes the stuff that was removed.

    Any more details on the stuff that was not shown, did they go too far where she may not have given consent?

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