Bus stop blonde gets Lambo pickup for fuck & facial


Bambi Blacks husband is dressed in his chavvy tracksuit and of for a drive in his green Lamborghini, which has a very fitting registration ‘P60RNN’, an asset from the proceeds of porn!

He’s going to drive down some of the street of his hometown Sheffield on the lookout for some gold-diggers. He soon spots a tight looking blonde stood waiting for a bus, he drives past and parks up out of sight then makes his way on foot to the bus shelter.

Standing beside the hot looking blonde in leggings, he’s sneakily checking her out before hitting on her direct, asking “are you single”, she clearly lets him know that she has a boyfriend, which is whose house she is heading to.

After trying to persuade the girl at the bus stop to go out with him for bite to eat, she knocks him back a couple of times, so he decides to return to his flash motor to see if the lass is a gold digger.

Pulling up at the bus stop in his sports car, Carly is soon stood at the passenger window, leaning in, and when asked if she wants to grab something to eat, this time she shows now hesitation.

They head back to his house, where Carly is all too keen to forget that she has a boyfriend, heading to his bedroom to get dressed up in some sexy lingerie, stocks & suspenders, before heading back down to the lounge and on the sofa where she’s soon ready for inspection.

Carly is a great deep-throater and has no trouble taking the full-length of his cock down her throat before bending over for it, riding and getting fucked, the finish takes place all over her face, a few good blasts of spunk on her face, nose and eyes.


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