Stockton-on-Tees dogging Dolly


Innocent Dolly Logan Montoya is at her local Stockton-on-Tees dogging spot location in the North East if England, with dogging director Don “Dogging” Roobles, Killergram’s very own dogging lensman, who has frequently taken to to lure escorts and adult service providers to allow him to come along to their local dogging haunt and catch them on cam dogging with doggers.

Logan is captured, squatting in the car park, with a doggers cock out and ready, she’s showing her oral skills, able to completely throat the big eight-incher cock, she deep-throats it without any choking, gagging or gasping, her party trick is her ability to simultaneously lick the punters balls while his full length is wedged in her windpipe!

At one point midst the oral punting dogging, Logan and the dogger had to abruptly pause their antics, a car pulled up, could it be the Law? Phew, no it is just another punter who has come to join the dogging. So, Logan gets back to sucking dick and soon she’s rewarded with a mouth and face full of the doggers spunk.

On a dogging mission

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