Alt ginger gets a good seeing-to from BB pimp


Bambi Blacks partner and creampie cumslut’s pimp has invited West Yorks Azura Alii for a barebacking just like one of his BB escorts.

Azura is an alternative petite slim ginger tattooed and pierced model. We are unsure if she is still escorting and offering meets, but she is still in the porn business and getting plenty of cock.

She turns up knocking at the kitchen door in just her sexy lingerie, lucky it’s a warm day outside. Invited in for an inspection by the pimp who has learnt his fortune from showcasing his selection of Yorkshire slags.

Azura is pretty submissive and obliged to her prospective pimps perving and touching, removing her bra to see her tiny little titties, before the rest of her teddy lingerie is stripped and her pale skin is given a closer handling.

Bent over the kitchen side, her arse is spanked and spread, anus rimmed and pussy fingers, before flipped and legs spread wide apart sat on the worktop. Her pink cunt gets some finger action and spread, leaving her juicy and gaped.

Azura is then required to show-off her oral, deepthroating the pimp thick dick and made to rim his tasty male ass. Miss Alii is then mished raw on the dining table, until the BB punting salesman is showing exactly what a CIP service would look like, spunk oozing out of Azura’s freshly creamed hole.

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