Muscle Mistress Queening Oral Worship Service


Staffordshire’s #1 bareback escort muscle mistress, MusleMILF, offers her submissive black simp a OWO oral worshipping session seated from her queening stool.

The muscly, tall, toned, femdom, queens her sub, legs spread, her big labia dangling and huge steroid clitoris, which is bigger than a lot of cuck cocks, dangling over her queened clients face, ready for him to such on.

Sexy and hot, Alex is a masculine milf, wearing PVC fetishwear, she sits back and enjoys being orally worshipped, her panties slipped to the side, getting her meaty pussy and clit licked and sucker, her hole tongued.

Leaning forward, she grabs the submissive unusually large big black cock and begins stroking his shaft, which excited her subject, resulting in a more vigorous oral vaginal serving. She leans back and grabs a hold of the queening squat stool, the slave is allowed to touch himself and stroke his dong while performing his duties.

Muslemilf then slides off the stool onto his face when the gimp resumes licking her cunt, she decides to enjoy some of his big cock herself, entering into reverse oral / 69 position, each performing oral sex simultaneously.

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