Allowed to do anything you want to Elizabeth Romanova


This week exclusively on Pascals Sub Sluts, Introducing Elizabeth Romanova, a blonde hair, Polish beauty, starring in fuck vid “Do whatever you want to me Pascal“.

Subslut Elizabeth Romanova on PascalsSubSluts has a trailer, interview – where she admits to being a slut-fucked 100+ cocks by 18!, solo pics & vid featuring a sensational orgasm, fuck scene & fuck pics of video Do whatever you want to me Pascal, plus extras!

So, if you would like to watch Elizabeth Romanova in the roughest porn filmed in the UK, of which she loved every second, there’s 6 videos & 530 photos, to-date, featuring this high-class Polish escort, who has since dated Pascal White, you know there’s a real connection, not just emotionless fake porn, in her PSS content.

Elizabeth starts her submissive slut journey in Andy’s flat, the blonde is in black zip-gusset babydoll lingerie, collar, wearing gold rimmed glasses, she’s restrained, cuffed to the window, facing out- a suction cup dildo stuck to the glass pointing to her mouth.

Lensman Andy commands Elizabeth attention with a “Pssst!”, “Mouth open, tongue out” he instructs dominantly, “Shake your arse” is his follow up command, but he wants more, her arse-shaking is lame, so Pascal is needed to be physical with her by spanking her arse and making her shake her arse.

Pascal parks himself up behind his restrained sub, grabbing he long-blonde hair, he begins spanking her bottom, before somewhat gently assisting her to begin suck the dildo on the window, Andy tells her to look at herself cock-sucking in the reflection of the glass.

Pascal, starting slowly, he works her head back on forth with her mouth around the dildo, nice & slow he guides her face onto the sex toy, but soon has her coughing due to the depth, which is all part of the plan, Pascal has already placed a Pyrex jug on the windowsill to catch her deep throat gag spit.

Soon the gent sucking becomes messy, coughing, choking, spluttering spit, almost being sick, gipping and gagging, Elizabeth begins to fill the jug with her drool and spitting. “Swallow the dick as far as you can, cheap little fuck whore” says Pascal.

After she’s untied and sat back against the radiator with her head on the windowsill, Elizebeth gets her face-fucked by Pascal as he fucks her mouth like a pussy, she is a competent deep throat fuck slut, loving getting fucked in the mouth, Elizabeth pleasures herself using her fingers, rubbing her pussy, her tits out of her unzipped babydoll.

The rougher the throat fuck gets, Elizabeth is soon gagging again, drooling down her bare chest, Pascal builds from slow to fast, grabbing her hair and fucking her face, he goes down her throat all the way to his balls.

Watch Elizabeth with her knee up on the cill, in fishnet ankle stockings and black heels, her pussy is fucked by P with her arms tied to the window, she is spit-roasts in pussy with cock and in mouth with dildo. Pascal spanks her arse red raw as he bangs her cunt.

Elizabeth sits on Pascals cock, lounges, rides and grinds him, before she’s put on the floor like a cheap whore submissive, armed with Doxy vibe she is allowed to use it on her clit while simultaneously getting her pussy kicked from behind, before getting back on his cock in top, this time in reverse she rides him, he uses his hands to spread her cunt lips, locating her clitoris, he rubs her clit, which results in Elizabeth’s sensitivity, she tried to stop him touching her clit, but he doesn’t let her get close to her pussy, instead she’s ordered by Andy to “keep fucking him!”

Ending her fuck scene, Elizabeth is rewarded with Pascal’s cum shot in her mouth, she looks a lot less glamorous, on her knees, face a mess from being fucked, her makeup has run, her lipstick smudged, but she still looks stunning.


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