Jasmine James, Bambi & Michelle Thorne BBGB


Bambi Blacks and creampie cumsluts are having a private bareback punting gangbang party in Sheffield. There’s Bambi, seasons porn star Michelle Thorne and Jasmine James, the three sluts joined by their studs ready for a good barebacking porn session.

Bambi strokes youngster studs big cock, UK’s biggest spunker is giving Miss Jasmine some attention, spreading her legs, in red fishnet stockings, displaying her cunt hole, showing her cunt of to the cam, she’s the lady in red, red hair, red corset babydoll, red nail varnish to match too.

Bambi’s gash is given some young fingers, her flaps, lips and hole fingered, Jasmine’s pussy’s given some of her spunkers tongue, while pro Michelle is straight into the barebacking, assisting by rubbing her clitty.

With Bambi taking young lads dick, Jasmine uses her mouth to pleasure her studs cock, Michelle on all-fours, getting her arsehole rimmed by her punters tongue.

Michelle Thorne and Jasmine baby are getting bent over and kicked doggy from behind, before all three of the Bambi Blacks creampie cumsluts squat their bare backers dicks and get a good dicking, Lottie Lovelace seems to be getting the best fucking.

It’s just three sluts and three studs, shooting bareback porn, amateurs, semi-pro and porn star all getting a good barebacking moresome, similar to how the creampie cumsluts parties are, bare dick and raw pussy eager for creampies.


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