Bambi Eats NDPs Huge Gash Wings Nicole Fingers herself ATM


Nicole DuPapillon joins Bambi Blacks for a girl-on-girl video for Bambi’s website Nicole is a well known escort and porn model who has a unique feature, namely her absolutely massive pussy lips, flaps like cat flaps, they’re like wings, her cunt labia is huge!

Watch how Bambi eats her pussy like meat at a Toby Inn carvery, like slabs of beef, sucking up her flaps, Bambi gets a right mouthful, her experience sucking big cocks sure pays of her with some lesbian labia sucking, bet Nicole’s gash is bigger than many guys dicks.

Bambi performs oral, sucking up her skin and spitting her big labia back out, Nicole’s cunt ends up drenched and she moans with delight enjoying Bambi sucking her cunny up, Nicole self pleasures her anal hole, slipping in a finger, up her shitter, before sucking off her own ass flavours ATM (Ass to Mouth).

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