Creamy Kim interracial BB at Bambi Blacks breeding party


Bambi Blacks is hosting one of her famous South Yorkshire sex parties for paying gangbangers to attend so that she can film new real creampie porn for her website.

This party Bambi presents one of her creampie cumsluts for the barepunting fans to enjoy. None other than the cum slut whore cumslutkaykay, also known as ‘Creamy Kim’.

After the formalities of sucking those spunkers hard out of the way, the creamy cum slut is soon welcoming the first punter to bare all, a big black dude steps up to the hole, he spits on his dick, after first missing, lubes up his BBC and sinks into her warm pussy, not wanting to breed her too quickly and get good value for money, the interracial breeding bull steps aside to let a BWC (big white cock) bareback her empty hole and he is the first to give her her first pie.

The black bull returns to her now spunky cunty pie, using the white punters sperm as lube for his bigger black cock to give her a good fuck, the though of fucking another barebackers spunk in her sloppy-seconds sperm hole, you don’t have to wait long to witness her taking a top-up, leaving her stretched hole leaking with a mixture of caucasian and Nigerian DNA.

That’s not your lot either, Creamy Kim is all about the cream, obviously, two loads is no where near enough, there’s more than a handful of punters stood around the bed waiting for their go on the cum whore’s dirty cum bucket.

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