Bad Gracie Harper gets Cunt Spunking off BB’s Jamie Allen


Killergram girl Grace Harper pays a visit to the Bambi Black’s household in South Yorkshire, the Birmingham escort loves Jamie Allens cars, especially his Lamborghini, so when she said she would pay a visit to see Jamie, she meant every word!

After Gracie knocks on the kitchen door, Jamie answers, shocked that Grace Harper has actually turned up, he didn’t think she would, but soon confesses that even though she loves his motor, she also got a bit horny speaking to him on SnapChat, so has traveled to the home of for some fun with Bambi’s manager Jamie.

Bambi is usually a stunning blonde, but equally as stunning with her hair dyed pink, her huge plump pumped lips, wearing a little tight black dress, tan stockings, heels, she looks the part indeed, it’s such a shame she is retiring, fingers crossed it’s only a temporary sabbatical from sex work!!!

Anyways, as Jamie is graced by Grace, one of the top Bambi Black’s creampie cumsluts of the last few years, it doesn’t take much in the way of small talk for him to encourage her down to her underwear, she’s soon bending over showing her big arse, soon down to just her hold-up stockings, spreading her legs wide so that Jamie can get his oral into action on her fake round boobs while his big hands fondle her cunny.

Grace gives Jamie a taste if her big injected lips as she sucks his dick, on her knees on his kitchen floor, she gobbles away at him while he films and takes pics on his mobile blower, Gracie shows how good her sucking is and she even gives his balls a good licking & sucking for added pleasure.

Gracie is given a good fucking, bent over the kitchen sink, then fucked on her back on the dining table, after getting her pussy kicked it’s a welcome sight to see the soothing benefits of a good cum on pussy cumshot, Jamie extracts his thick & creamy warm sauce out directly onto Gracie’s vag, then as fast as she turned up at Jamie’s joint, she’s scarpering back out of the kitchen door. Perhaps she has to rush back to Birmingham to meet a real punter?

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