Anal BB with 2 spunkers but one cums too quick and other gets camera fright


Raw sex slut Kirie is tending to two guys today in her Ibis budget hotel room, where they are both perched on the single bed, side-by-side with Kirie knelt before them, in between one of the punter legs to suck his dick while she handles the Asian punters dick. The young lad whose cock she’s sucking on, has two tattoos on his chest and one of his nipples pierced, he seems to be loving getting a nice sensual BJ from Kirie’s big lips, well who wouldn’t!? Kirie continues to give oral and handling the brown cock, stroking his shaft and teasing his furry balls, both dicks are being teased to nice string aroused erections ready for bareback penetration, before which Kirie gives the Indian clients spicy cock a nice blowing, because she’s an equal opportunities escort who does not discriminate, is not racist, has no issue escorting for Asians! And rightly so! So, proceeding with both these guys punt, Kirie continues with the oral and gives a last suck to the Caucasian customer, readying his shaft for sex. Kirie bends over on all-fours on the bed and lets the Asian guy fuck her from behind first, but less than 15 seconds after penetrating her bareback pussy, he’s had a case of premature ejaculation and has to withdraw his dick and spunks in his gripping hand, apologises and says he’s cum, but states that then he can go for ages, but shys off to the shower room giving the other real punter unrestricted access to bareback whore Kirie. So, after lubing up the young punters fair sized penis and her anal hole, let’s his dick her ass, but unfortunately he is unable to perform while being filmed and gets stage fright and loses his erection, so they decide to switch the camera off before continuing the bareback anal sex meet.

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