Teen School Girl Masturbates in Dads Car


Teen UK Poppy Morcroft is roleplaying a teenage schoolgirl, dressed in a school uniform, waiting in daddy’s car she gets uncontrollably horny.

Soon her school shirt is unbuttoned and exposing her pert little teeny titties, squeezing her little puppies and teasing her nipples, before her hand finds its way down the front of her clean white school panties and rubbing her young pussy.

Before you know it, her panties are peeled aside and in full view of the car’s dash cam and any unsuspecting passers-by, Poppy is rubbing and fingering her fresh pussy, masturbating herself until she cums, at which point she cleans herself up, sucking her own juices off her fingers and composes herself to put back on her underwear and smarten up her uniform so that daddy won’t know.

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