DD/lg Hard Sex incl. Anal


Cherry English is an excellent roleplay/ageplay DD/lg roleplay escort and fetish porn model, as you are about to see…

Suitably dressed to look youthful, she is actually 22, but admits she will be any fantasy age. In tight pink shorts, white cotton ankle socks, a tiny top, pigtailed hair with bows, she looks teen.

Playing the role of a young girl selling cupcakes for charity and having gone to the PascalsSubSluts flat to sell her stuff, you won’t be surprised when the two, much older, men are taking advantage of the youngster, or at least thats what they think, when all along, Cherry knew exactly what she was doing and actually seemed to have planned the situation herself!

Pascal gives the young women a good face-fucking, deep-throating BJ producing plenty of mess, spit and drool, before her young holes are given his depth. First her pussy is fucked hard, before she actually gives her elder her anus, getting anal rough, before been made to take CIM (cum in mouth) finishing.


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