Blonde Teen Dogging gets her Baps Buttered


Tamara Grace from Nottingham is the blonde teen slut on a dogging mission, where she is joined by some bikers and doggers in their cars, who have come to sample this popular young slut who loves cocks. Tamara gets down to business, sucking off the doggers, having already had her teen boobs blasted with spunk, she’s plastered in cum, but still sucking cock seeking to extract more sperm from her doggers to make a bigger mess of her breasts.

Biking dogger in his full biker leathers has his dick out of his, whilst a driver dogger has his belt & jeans unfastened and his cock out, Tamara takes it in turns at sucking them off as she crouches in the field, until the first punter’s ready to unload, doing so shooting himself on her pert, round, firm titties, leaving her with a right valley of cream, the stringy spunky slime splatters both her tits.

Posh totty and potty mouth escort, takes the next cock in her mouth, briefly blowing before instructing him in her cute, posh voice, to wank off and add more spunk to the mess on her chest, tickling his balls as he does so, before taking back charge, wanking & sucking him, before he’s shooting a muck, all over her spunky tits.

Tamara Grace stands up, allowing the lensman to take record of the mess she’s made, her boobs are well buttered, what’s dripped off them is left on her lap and leggings, in less than 12 minutes of dogging, she’s got some seriously permed-out titties. Tamara Grace really does love to milk cock, that’s her words, not ours!

Like a lady, Tamara reaches for the baby wipes, the escort essential and proceeds to clean herself up, wiping the spunk that’s dripped all down her leggings, before cleaning her messy baps up, before bid a farewell to the punters who have had their fun and finished. Looking forward to the next Killergram dogging mission, plans for a winter one, but as this mission ended a bit prematurely, mainly down to Tamara’s skill at spunking those cocks, she makes a personal request for more doggers at the next dogging meet.

On a dogging mission

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