Follow to my bedroom for K9 pet love toys


Follow Cherry English up the stairs, closely behind, see her sexy lingerie, blue stockings, pink butterfly panties and suspenders, baby pink sexy heels.

Her butt is plugged with a jewel butt plug, you can see the pink diamond sparkle, held between her peachy butt cheeks, her g-string unable to disguise.

At the top of the steps, on the landing, Cherry shakes and jiggles her hobby cheeks, before you’re led into the bedroom to watch her.

Laid back on her bed, her, knees up and legs apart, her panties barely cover her privates, her labia are exposed to the sides of the fabric, her butt plug still in her arse.

She sucks the realistic canine penis, to lubricate and ready for penetration, before she plunges the life-like dog cock inside her pussy and imagines taking the big dock cock, briefly closing her eyes to fantasise, as the K9 cock roots her deep to the dog penis knot.

Cherry the Doll

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