Dehira Sadist’s Delight


Introducing Dehira at PascalsSubSluts, she’s 27 years old, but her ddlc age is just 13, which alarms subsluts director Andy Baxter – but admittedly the fact of her young ageplay number, it still makes his cock hard.

Dehira is welcomed with her arms tied to the ceiling, mouth ball-gagged, wearing baby pink open-front babydoll, pink panties, white cotton frill ankle socks and bright slutty red heels.

The operative words for todays shoot is sadist & masochist (S&M), Sadomasochism (Sadism & Masochism), appropriately Dehiraxxx seeks pain and humiliation for sexual gratification, which is the reason why she is appearing bound and gagged in front of Pascal and the lens of Andy’s cam.

The disciplining begins with some hard paddling from a leather spanking paddle, Pascal is pretty brutal, selecting one of the more hardcore paddles, spanking hard, which is quickly telling on her arse.

Dehira’s spanking is warming up, she is very responsive and encouraging to her spanker to test her limits. Andy interacts, getting up close in her face with his video camera, documenting her screams, he gets hands-on and pulls the front of her lingerie to the side of her boobs, saving Pascal having to do it, to allow him to slap her tits.

Pascal grabs her curly brown hair, pulls her head back and is relentless armed with the paddle spanker, but Andy wants to see the proof of her pain and pleasure so directs Pascal not to pull her head back for long.

Dehira has let more than just the cat out of the bag, the guys are well aware of her likes, having her nipples pulled & pinched is one of them, Andy begins her nipple torture, gripping her nipple in between his thumb & index finger and pinches her nip, pulls and begins twisting them hard, all the time while she is still receiving spanks to the ass.

Pascal goes and switches weapon, arming himself with the leather flogger, Andy continues to nip her nipple hard, she’s asked is she likes a flogger, she nods her head agreeing, stating that she does enjoy a flogging. On release of her nipple pinching, Pascal lifts her lingerie at the back, but notice the first evidence of tears as one rolls down her cheek.

Andy switches his attentions to the nipple of her other boob, pinching, realeasing and slapping her nip, Pascal is behind her still, now with the bondage flogger, using the strands on her bum, it’s getting pretty constant, relating in Dehira crying.

Turned around, Dehira’s behind is shown and bares witness to her spanking and flogging, it’s rosy red and looks very hot and tender, but looks very sexy, especially with the additional of the string of her baby pink panties sitting tightly up her arse crack.

Andy’s turn to have a go at spanking Dehira, he spanks hard and makes her big bum wobble, which looks very satisfying, Pascal continues his punishment with the tails flogger, Andy pulls her hair and gets a close-up of her tearful face.

Released from tied to the ceiling, she is un-gagged by mouth, allowing access for cock, Pascal is soon gagging her mouth with himself, choking her with a deep-throat dicking, he proceeds to use her head like a fuck toy, pulling her by the hair, directing her head up and down his cock, she’s like a sexdoll or masturbator!

Pascal is handed the camcorder so that Andy can get involved, he takes control of her arse, P giving a rough BJ POV, Andy explore her pussy, “That’s a wet cunt, isn’t it?”, he states, teasing her pussy and clit with his fingers while she’s submissively sucking cock.

Andy resumes some spanking while she’s blowing Pascal, “Get that fucking dick in your mouth”, is his response to her stalling due to the combination of gagging and getting spanked at the same time.

Next up is a turn for another one of her holes to be roughed-up, her cunt hole is penetrated bareback, she’s doggy-style fucked, Andy perches the video below from behind, look at her greedy hole getting thick dick, her hanging tummy and titties shaking as she gets slammed, still cute as fuck though, especially with the presence of her ankle socks, she’s still trying to assume the age of a fresh teen!

Dehira then gets on top in reverse and rides the big dick, but where is Pascal’s cock right now? “It’s up my arse”, Dehira confirms, getting raw anal, all three of her holes have now been, and still being, used today, she thanks Pascal when he chooses to give her pussy a fondle whiles she’s ass-fucked, rubbing her clitoris encourages her to anal ride a little faster and harder.

Dehira is handed a Doxy wand, it’s a very powerful mains-powered magic wand massager vibrator, she uses the vibe to blast her clitoris while getting her dirt-hole dicked hard, “Please don’t stop, please keep fucking my ass, please!” Dehira pleads with Pascal, he’s hammering her butt hole.

Dehira cums and cums again, over and over, but she’s a goer, Psdcal has to even make a quick exit from her anus to prevent him from ejaculating before the scene is finished, gotta give this girl her dues, but she’s soon got cock in her anal hole again and taking it like a real pro slut.

Dehira is definitely one of the surprise gems, a worthy Pascal Sub Slut, it’s a shame to see the ending come, which is by Dehira getting and oral spunking, just like all the sub sluts that have gone before her, but were sure you will be impressed by this gem hoe!


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