Kirie Dogging 4-guys CIM & Swallow


Dogging Kirie is joined by 5 doggers in the local woods, kneeling on the earth, she lets four of the dogging dudes, jerk their cocks on in her mouth, the first one comes along, enjoys some oral from Kirie, she sucks his cock hard then uses his hand to finish himself off, shooting his cum in her mouth and leaving it dribbling down her chin, but instead of swallowing, she holds the sperm in her mouth and opens wide for her second helping, a load on top of the first, she wants even more a mouthful of jizz, cums the 2nd, then the 3rd, then ond the fourth punter has spunked in her full to the brim mouth of spunk, Kirie shows how full her mouth is to the camera, uses it like mouthwash, swilling around her mouth before in one big gulp she swallows fourth decent sized loads of ejaculation, down her throat in one, like the true raw dogger she is, hungry for cum, takes a good feeding on this dogging meet, and she’s not finished there either, theres more doggers waiting to do the same.

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