MMF Double CIM & DP Coventry Escort


Real hotel escort meet in Coventry with two punters who have booked an MMF meet. Both the customers paying for sex lay on the hotel bed side-by-side, Kirie sucking off one of the cocks while the other chills, once she’s got the first punter nice and hard, her oral goes to work on the second lad, sucking him to erection, the first maintains his stiffy by gently stroking his shaft. Then they both get on their knees, Kirie’s bent over and she sucks them both at the same time, a bot of cock contact occurs, these boys aren’t scared of a bit of bi double cock sucking, she sucks them both, taking in turns until they are close to cum, at which point she seals her lips around the first guys shaft and lets him jerk out his seed into her mouth, she doesn’t swallow, instead holding the load in her mouth and wraps her cum-filled mouth around the cock of the second spunker, sucking cock when she’s cum already in her mouth, the other mans cum all over the second punters cock must excite him as it’s a matter of seconds before his spermy meal is being fed to Kirie, some of which she spits back out over her big plastic boobs. That’s not the end of this real punting MMF, it’s cum as many times as time allows with Kirie, not just cum & go! So, they both decide to rubber up, which is a shame, Kirie’s a well-known bareback hooker, WTF would you wear condoms with her, she demands creampie, Oh well! Anyway, one guy is quick to get his condom on and begins penetrating her doggy, the other guy takes a little longer to get his jonny on, but once they’re both protected, it’s time for some DP (double penetration), one guy continues to fuck her from behind in doggy-style while she rides the other guys cock, unfortunately one of the punters goes a bit soft for DP to work, but soon stiffens back up in kirie’s mouth before they have a second attempt to full their condoms while double penetrating Kirie vagina and anal simultaneously.

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