Young Virgin Boy Masturbates sat next to Bambi


Bambi Black the porn queen of creampie cumsluts, in fencenet bodystocking, lays on her sofa showing of her raw cunthole while young punter virgin sats next to her stark bullock naked masturbating watching Bambi tease him with her fanny and filthy talk.

The slim, pale, ginger-haired, nerdy, young boy in geeky glasses, gets called a “dirty little fucking wanker” by Bambi as she spreads her cunt, giving his glasses a right eye-full.

The potty talk from Bambi’s blowjob lips are encouraging him to walk his young cock, come on spunk in that fucking pussy, it’s all wet and needs to cum!

You can tell he’s inexperienced as he is soon having to swap hands wanking as his skinny arms can’t quite keep up with his urge to walk as he gets closer to a spunking.

One thought on “Young Virgin Boy Masturbates sat next to Bambi

  1. What a lucky young man. Getting to release some of his fresh spud juice in such a close vicinity to Bambi. I can tell you one thing that’s certain, at that age I would not have needed to change arms during wanking, I would have squirted all over the place at his age in this situation 👏

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