Fake Flight Attendant First Class Fisting & Finger Fuck in Taxi


Nymphomaniac escort KinkyDirtBitch is Virgin Atlantic flight attendant who is running late for her flight, on way to Gatwick in the FakeTaxi. After making a call to the airport she is relieved of her duties and no longer has to work, so has some time on her hands. It’s a boiling hot day, so she decides it’s best to remove a few layers of her uniform, taking off her jacket, the cabbie catches a glimpse of her growler, she’s a good sized hairy bush and allowing it to breathe, not wearing any panties, the driver asks Amica if he saw her flash, so she pulls up her skirt, spreads her legs and shows him some more of her pussy, big lips & labia and muff, spreads her flaps. Miss Bentley tells her driver how she’s had more Mile High Club affairs than she should have, all the places she’s had sex, not ruling out doing it in a taxi, if she gets off with her fare. She starts been a bit of exhibitionist in the back of the cab, bends over the back seat with her tiny skirt not covering her arse, she then notices the cum stains on the seat and calls the cabbie a “dirty fucker!”, she even licks the spunk marks, stating it tastes fresh. It isn’t long before they’ve pulled up somewhere a bit more discreet, and this kinky dirty bitch is calling for the taxi driver to join her in the back, he does, and Amica wastes no time sitting back, spreading her legs and letting him get a taste of her meaty pussy, you can hear him licking her vagina and lapping up her juices, his tongue spreading her juicy cunt lips and slipping in her experienced hole, she demands he spits on it and licks back up, stating she’s going to do the same to him later. KDB’s overuse of her potty mouth is in action again, lot’s of “dirty fucking cunt” as she gets her snatch tongue fucked. Again, she calls him a “dirty fucking cunt”, when his tongue ventures a little south and licks her arse, also putting his tongue in her arse hole. Next up’s his finger as he licks her clitoris, listen to the ASMR oral sex and fingering noises, tell you what her cunny sounds wet for a whore who has had more cock than hot dinners. She’s soon lost that high pitched squeaky voice when she’s moaning and growling as she looses control, especially when her pussy is being fisted, the taxi drivers whole hand is up her dirty hoe cunt. KinkyDirtyBitch manages to regain her compose in time to have a go on the cabbies cock, he takes down his pants and Amica is shocked at his impressive penis, her tiny hands wrap around his thick girth and she spits on his massive cock head before stroking her saliva into his shaft, using her other hand to grab a hold of his huge plum like balls and teabagging them, she manages to fit both his bollocks inside her mouth at the same time, like a true dirty bitch. After telling her that the security cameras are rolling and this whole taxi fuck is being filmed, she is ready to get her arse up in the air and riding the big faketaxi cock.


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