Oral Dogging 2 Punters who CIM and other Cums in her Eye


Kirie’s dogging with a punter with her hubby come camera man when they become aware that they’ve got a watcher, that’s part of the thrill of dogging, performing sexual acts in a discreet yet pubic location that allows punters to come along and get involved, whether in person, or watching dogging. Kirie sucks her doggers cock until he’s nearly there, at which point she stops sucking, but keeps her mouth open, then lets the punter wank himself off, shooting his warm spunk straight in her mouth, which she swallows. Then the guy who was watching, decides he wants a turn and as it’s quick and simple to get a punt with Kirie, a quickie dogging meet, that’s not going to break the bank, the gut who was enjoying watching the dogging action decides to come over and have a go, so he also enjoys some of Kirie’s oral sex dogging, when he’s nearing finishing, she tells him to stroke himself and let her know when he’s going to cum, at that point she gets back down before cock, open-mouthed, ready to catch his sperm on her tongue, but the guy misses her open mouth and instead cums in her eye, gving her a spunky eye, which Kirie isn’t too thankful for, sarcastically thanking him for cumming in her eye!

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