Candy Banks Fuck Puppy


FREE Pascals Sub Sluts video ‘Such A Delicious Fuck Puppet’ featuring Candice Banks, who is a sex-worker, a former stripper & model, now escort, cam girl, content creator and porn actress, she is a natural submissive who caters for plenty of kinky & fetish play, including roleplay, petplay, DDLG and more extreme stuff.

Are you ready? You have been warned that Candice Banks is the real stuff, a genuine submissive who is more than perfect to perform the role of one of Pascal’s Sub Sluts!

The vid starts filming with Andy behind the camera, with Candy down a local ginnel, dressed suitably inappropriate, in a skimpy, tiny, little, stringy, bikini and heels – that’s it, well other than the coverage of her tatts: a Betty Boop on her right thigh and animal paw prints on her boobs, which is rather suggestible of her extreme kinky experience.

So, this is the 2nd time for Candice at Pascalssubsluts! It was only a week ago when she was shot the first time, but the members of PSS have demanded they film her again as they were blown away by her!

Pascal collars his little pet, makes her show her self off in public and to the lens, her cute, perfect little titties, Andy rags down her g-string and makes her twerk, shaking and wobbling her sensual puppy fat, before she’s made to flash her cunt off.

Pascal then puts her leash on, like a naughty puppy, she’s told by Andy to cover herself up, but an unexpected train passing, with them in full-view of the carriages and probably passengers too, Andy pulls her bikini top to show to the rail punters her boob.

Andy takes her lead and Pascal grabbing and pulling her hair, they slowly lead her back in the direction of the flat, Pascal spanking her ass, Andy follows at the rear with his camcorder and captures her arse shaking and twerking as they walk.

Made to bark and petplay like a unruly little puppy, she’s been taken for a walk, where they are soon on the streets and conscious that this naughty little bitch in scantily clad, not how you would expect, but also roleplaying a doggy.

Back shooting the porn at the flat, Candy is changed into a sexy black lingerie, but still collared & leashed, getting a good throat-fucking, enthusiastically deep-throating P’s big shlong, such a shame for such a nice outfit soon to be covered on deep-throat drool, getting wind-piped deep, Pascal’s dick is soon slimy and Candy is choking and blowing bubbles in the thick spitty mess gasping to breathe with her airway lodged by bug cock.

Filthy fuck whore from London is soon getting her gash nailed, as she’s leant over the kitchen worktop, one leg up on the counter, she’s spread and shagged, look how her eyes loose control as she briefly nears the path to orgasm, the sign of a genuine fuck slut who has a kinky past and will do any-fucking-filthy-thing!

Fucked, slapped, spat-on, the stand run of the mill stuff for another one of Pascal’s sluts, she clearly is used to the degradation and slut-shaming, referred to as a whore with frequency, and yes she certainly is, a genuine prostitute, who loves fucking for cash, make no mistake that this is what is been filmed in this video.

Riding on cock, she’s asked “What are you?”, she responds “a sub slut”, “What else?”, the answer Andy was wanting is “A whore”. “You’re a beautiful fucking 23-year-old whore and we love everything about you!”

Ready for a closer look at here riding cock? Look at her tasty ass and arse hole, it looks nice & tight, her peace, youthful booty bounces, look how competently her pussy eats-up Pascals length & girth, she’s obvious experience plenty of good-sized cocks before, then she puts her feet on top of his thighs for more purchase riding, they are cute little tootsies indeed, you can almost imagine this video been a cuck POV video and if you were cuckold watching her being a porn slut for a porn stud, you would be tempted to have a suck on her toes!? – Sorry, got a little carried away there!

Anyway, back to watching her getting fucked good and hard, Candy now armed with the Doxy wand vibe, powerful vibrations on her ditty as she’s getting hammered in her pussy, she cums multiple times, but is made to ask and beg to climax, she is made to count down to cum from 10-to-zero, on 0, watch her orgasm and eyes go fucking mental with the rush of pleasure in her brain!

Candy is really made to work for her cash today, she’s fucked good and proper, finished off in doggy by Pascal until he’s near to cumming himself and in the customary Pascals Sub Sluts traditional money-shot, Candy Banks in on her knees, mouth wide open, Pascal jerking himself ready to feed his puppy slut with his spunk.


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