Barbie Cindy Slaughtered


The week sees a real life Cindy doll knocking in the door of Pascal Towers, okay the grubby makeshift porn studio flat above a shop of

It’s the Finnish porn star Cindy Sun, and look she’s even brought the weather in her porn name with her, as it’s a glorious day outside. So, instead of inviting her straight in to get down to business, Andy has her go back outside and into the sunshine to check her out.

Wow, she’s wearing a very see-through tight crop bust top and tiny shorts, the floral design is the only thing that is keeping her from been completely naked in public, the strong sun light helps provide some further transparency.

Just like a Barbie, blonde hair, blue eyes, tanned, long legs, accentuated with her tiny frilly ankle socks and sexy heels, she is as you would imagine a porn star from Finland.

Greeted by Pascal at the door, he leads her up the stairs to the apartment, followed closely behind by Andy and his camcorder, getting a good look at her arse as she climbs the steep steps to her submissive slut shoot.

Cindy doesn’t submit immediately, instead she assumes a more dominant role, leading Pascal to sit down and not allowed to touch her, before giving him a little bit of a striptease show, although she does not really need to remove any clothing and theres not much imagination needed to see what a great figure, arse & boobs she has.

As she’s showing a little bit more titty, plenty of underboss, Andy cannot help helping himself to a feel, but Pascal won’t let him, well if he’s not allowed to have a grope then there’s not a chance he is going to let the cameraman.

Pascal then has the rare pleasure of a slut undressing him on her own accord, quickly noticing that his cock is rock solid and like a tent tole in his trousers. Cindy is a real tease, like a stripper/dancer, she does not allow her punter to touch, but she is more than happy to rub her pussy & arse against Pascal’s dick and her fake books in his face.

It’s just like been at a strip club, Cindy works her body to arouse Pascal, she really likes rubbing her arse crack against P’s erection, but the no touching the slut rule doesn’t seem to be one that is really going to work at PSS.

Pascal is ready to make Cindy his subslut, starting her off on her knees, his cock points out of his trouser flies before it is rammed in her mouth, with both hands Pascal grans her head and uses her throat like a masturbator.

Hands behind her back, Pascal gives her throat some dick deep as he tells her that she must not swallow any of the sloppy stuff, instead let it all drip out of her mouth and onto her tits.

In the space of a few minutes, things have gone from been rather nice and polite to rough and nasty, Pascal calling her all sorts of names as he makes her take as much of his length as she can and some more.

Cindy is then made to ride Pascal bare, take a second to appreciate her belly button jewellery, as she rides bareback, then with nothing on but her white ankle socks, Pascal grabs her ankles and fucks her while she’s on her back.

It’s soon apparent that Cindy is a squirter, she’s a super-soaker, gushing on Pascal’s cock, he withdraws and sticks a few fingers up her until she’s showering him.

It’s a warm day and both Pascal and his sub are getting sticky & sweaty, so they proceed with the windows wide open, just imagine living next door, Pascal fucking his slut at the window and she’s a moaner too, especially when she looks just like a Barbie sex doll, as her tiny frame is banged hard.

Cindy even takes an anal-fucking and she can take it hard, Pascal slaughters her shit hole and you can tell she’s loving every pump, used well like a blowup doll.

Cindy takes to the floor, on her knees, she rubs her clitoris while tea-bagging Pascals sweaty nut-sack, before told to open her mouth nice and wide ready to take a spunking and swallow.


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