Ceiling-tied sub Estella throat-fuck-fingered


After introducing Estella Bathory, the perverted princess wants it all. Then after watching as she cums twice wanking, she is ready to do her first ever porn fuck scene “1st Porno 4 Degenerate Daddy’s Girl”.

But before you get to witness any fucking of this sub slut by Pascal, Estella is restrained, tied-up with her arms suspended by rope to the ceiling. Sat behind the BBW submissive is Pascal, sitting on the sofa, rubbing his dick through his trousers, admiring her beautiful curves.

Pascal rises, both his cock erecting in his pants and by standing up and joining Estella, he begins feeling her body, stroking her breasts and kissing with tongues, French kissing, she really is a great kisser.

Estella skirt is lifted, Pascals hands explore Estella’s pussy, lips and hole, she is compliant and going to be a very good girl, he rubs her slit and makes her thick thighs tremble, showing his fingers as evidence of how wet she is.

Showing his glistening fingers off to Andy on the cam, they are soaked in her cunt juices, Estella immediately sticks her tongue out, craving to taste herself, Pascal puts his fingers in her mouth for her to clean, before pushing them to the back of her throat to watch her gag.

Finger deep-throating, it’s not long until Estella is drooling her spit down herself, Pascal lifts her top so that she can drip onto her tits. Pascal continues to throat-fuck her with his fingers, until her tits are dripping a spitty mess.


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