Dumb bitch collared, hung and shocked


As if the first two times weren’t painful enough, Estella Bathory returns! Again! Where she gives a 15-min celebration of molestation, recalling her previous experiences as a submissive slut. So, ready to watch her latest Pascals Sub Sluts shoot – After a warm-up where she is getting very rude in the kitchen, solo masturbation sub wand vibes herself, in anticipation for her roughest fuck scene of them all!

Ouch!! Shock Treatment! is the aptly names video scene, Estella collared and hung by the neck, tied up to the ceiling, Pascal controls the rope, suspending her, pulling her up onto her tiptoes to choke her.

Such a beautiful, BBW, sub, slut, her curves squeezed into the smallest tightest denim shorts, almost invisible, tight top, ankle socks and converse. Stood to attention as her Dom hangs her, grabbing her throat also which his palm, he squeezes until she almost begins to pass out from getting strangled.

Estella, by her own admission, is a dumb little slut who gets off on being strangled, Pascal pulls the rope tight, forcing her right up to the tip of her toes, at the peak he spits in her face before releasing her hanging.

In charge of her own hanging, Pascal hands control of the rope to Estella so that she can pull herself up, Pascal unoccupied begins feeling her cunt up as she’s choking herself. She’s then slapped, spat on, her mouth spat in while sticking her tongue out. Pascal states that there’s no faking it here, no fake porn, no fake sub or domination, it’s all genuine at Pascals Sub Sluts.

Estella Bathory big booty is given some exposure, Andy closes in on her arse with the video camera and Pascal grabs his leather spanking paddle and begins disciplining her big cheeks. Estella confirms that she wants to be marked today, so Pascal builds up the hard spanks, leaving her butt red & sore.

Sucking dick like a whore, deep throating the lot, she chokes into his scrotum, her throat given a licking, she’s face-fucked until she is gasping for air and choking out a mess.

Watch Estella’s hairy muff getting slammed rough, her pubic hair is like a doormat to a brothel, Pascal punter enters her for a good bare punting, and as she wanted to be marked, she is with red lipstick, the words “Dumb” and “Cum Dump” written on her forehead and tummy, respectively.

Her pussy iOS then given a good pairing with the lipstick, leaving her cunt bright red and a mess as though she’s on her period and bleeding, Pascal gets back inside her messy fuck hole, penetrating her hard, before she rides him, before the climax CIM and swallow happy ending.

The full-length version on PascalsSubSluts.com features Estella Bathory in electro stimulation dog collar where she gets shocked.


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