Casting Carly Rae Student Squirter


So, you’ve decided to watch this free Carly Rae Summers porn video because you’re looking for her to be treat like a bitch, getting use & abused by Pascal White for

This weeks subslut is funky, fashiony, a little but hip, Introducing Carly-Rae Carly Rae, who has been misled into turning up to meet Andy and Pascal, pretending to be casting for a TV programme, a fake casting 4 student squirter, and as she’s so inexperienced, any easy target to be taken advantage of.

Carly is asked to start her audition by getting changed into some clothes that have prepared for her to allow them to assess her abilities as a presenter and allow them to take some photos.

Having sent Carly off to the changing rooms, she returns and double checks that the clothes she’s been presented with are actually the clothes they want her to put on. One can only imagine the costume Andy & Pascal have chosen for her!

Imagine no more… Pascal says on Carly as she’s getting changed, Andy the voyeur cameraman filming her getting changed. A pink underwear set and knee-high socks, a skirt, but they are soon caught perving on her, so she closes the door on them.

Once dressed and casting, she tries asking Pascal some questions, as though he’s just a guy on the street. “What are your opinions on pornography?”, when he answers “love it!”, she shares her own negative views on porn, stating she has guys to do it for her so doesn’t need to watch porn.

Andy accuses Carly of being “pretty loose & free, with mens penises”, they test her reaction when Pascal grabs her arse, to which she reacts by slapping him around the face. She admits that “I like the stuff most girls don’t”.

It’s soon proven how easy she is and more than just a little bit slutty, when she’s her panties slipped aside her cunt, legs spread and Pascal licking her pussy, spreading her lips and licking her clitoris, before he’s giving her slit a couple of his fingers, resulting in her hole squirting loads, leaving her dripping, Andy even gets some squirt juice on him.

The twenty year old student then shows her oral skills, sucking Pascal and swelling his full length, deep throating and gagging & choking on his length, before Pascal takes control, grans her hair and begins fucking her mouth and licking the back of her throat.

It’s not long before Carly’s appetite for sex is clear when she’s getting bent over and kicked, P introduces some spanking, slapping and grabbing her small breast with prices nippled.

Round 2 for some further throat-fucking while her gunny is getting a rough fingering, her face messy with the cock sucking gunk, before her little arse is going ten to the dozen and bouncing Pascal like his dick is a human pogo-stick.

Carly then shows off her lack of gag-reflex in 69 oral, she rides his face while taking his cock deep to his balls in her mouth and getting fucked in the mouth.

This slut gets wetter & wetter and is soon fucked rough until Pascal cums, but does he cum in her pussy?


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