Pascal’s Subslut virgin craving rough


Phoenix Madina is pascal’s virgin sub slut who craves it rough! From the offset of this video, Phoenix’s wrists are restrained in leather bondage cuffs, she’s asked how experienced she is as a restrained sub, to which her response is that she’s “a complete newbie to this”. She’s a virgin submissive slut, going to be tied up, strung up and blindfolded… This is going to be fun! Once she hands are cuffed together, she’s tethered by her wrists to the ceiling before her eyes are covered with leather goggle blindfold. Restrained, Pascal wastes no time in making her submit to his dominance, pulls her tight, yellow, dress up, exposing her red lace panties and somewhat forceable feels her up and fondles her her fanny. Spanks her thighs, then rips her knickers down hard, Made to spread her legs, P touches her slit and fingers her flanges before arousing her by rubbing her clit, her hair pulled and her pussy continues to be rubbed, while the camera gets a close-up of her crack, a smooth shaven, yet plump, fresh-looking vagina, it’s cute and it is all Pascal’s. She’s a good little bitch having her most sensitive spot touched while she cannot do anything to stop it. Pascal then spreads open her pussy to the camera for a good look inside, Pascal is soon frantically fast fingering her fun hole. Once she’s been untied and released, she’s on her knees on the floor of the grimy porn flat, using her mouth, sucking Pascal’s solid girth and deepthroating a good length of cock, causing her to gag reflex, producing gag spit and slavering down his shaft, her mascara has run like a slut, she is told off for spitting her saliva on the carpet, so from then on spits on her chest. Once Pascal is satisfied from her sucking dick, they resume on the leather sofa where Phoenix rides some dick, she’s told to slow down though so all the action can be caught on film, once she’s in the position required of her, she’s told to carry on fucking him like a good little slut. She’s a good ride and is made to plunge her pussy on his cock all the way up and all the way down, a good length of fuck riding, max bounce on his full length for maximum fucking effect. It’s all about her following instructions and bordering on humiliated by submitting for porn., she’s made to earn her money. Once she’s in full flow, riding on top, her peachy butt cheeks are given a spank, look at her rosy buttocks, then her throat choked while having sex with the stud, after been bent-over and plunged some more with Pascal, she is made to say thank you to him for treating her like a sub slut, hair pulling and head pushed down into the sofa, her arse given a spanking some more, strangled and face slapping, saying thank-you for the privilege of being a PascalSubSlut. After she’s been fucked good and cum while getting fucked rough, she is given the humiliation of been made to take a CIM ejaculation. If you are looking for a submissive slut with limited experience, an ALT model with lots of tattoos and bright green hair, you should consider and escort meet with Phoenix Madina.

Pascals Sub Sluts

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