Babysitter escort blowjob & bang services £80


Rhiannon Ryder is applying to become daddy Danny D’s baby’s babysitter. Cute and young and eager to impress, she’s a great resume and experience, she offers a wide range of services, from babysitting, to dog walking, to tutoring, to house cleaning, and even blowjobs! “Sorry!”, asks daddy Danny, having thought he had misheard her stating her last qualifications, but no, that’s right, she’s a professional cock sucker, she’s qualified to give blowjobs and offers such adult sexual escort services. Instead of paying to keep an eye on his kids, Danny is flashing the cash to buy her blowjob services. £80 cash in hand, four used twenty pound notes are the price he’s paying for her cock-sucking services – a bargain price for the amount of cock Danny’s got that requires sucking. Rhiannon wastes no time getting down to business and like a true working girl whore she’s blowing his bang pipe, spitting on his cock end and swallowing his massive dick, before things go further and her bare pussy hole is getting dicked by daddy dong. She’s dicked all over, sucks and fucks like a true professional escort, Danny rates services – an escort review “That was Fantastic!”. So if you’re looking for an idea of her BJ and sex services, look no further than this porn video featuring pornstar adultwork escort Rhiannon Ryder.

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