Penelope Westbrook – Suck or Dare


Geordie duo pervert nerds Paul & Chris have invited Chris’ cousin Penelope Westbrook, aka Dehira xxx, over for some nerdy gaming, but little does she know they’re actually geeky perverts that’ve hatched a plan to play a game with her, conning her to get her gash out.

Having a blast in Mario Cart, they decide to introduce some extra game fun, playing truth or dare while racing on the Nintendo Switch. It’s mainly Penelope and all dares, such as “dare you to…”: kiss on the cheek, flash your boobs, feel cock and then she’s is challenged to get Chris’ cock hard.

Paul is soon on the end of Chris’ dares for Penelope, she is dared to let him lick her out and soon had her lower half nude and her legs on Paul’s shoulders and wrapped around his head as he tongues her pussy.

Penelope soon has two cocks in mouth at the same time, given the nerd perverts a double BJ, double cock-sucking, tea-bagging and sucking on scrotum and testicles.

Chris is next to get a taste of Penelope’s cunt, licking her pussy and clit with his pierced tongue, Paul focusses his attentions on her boobs, before he slips a couple of fingers up her flue while she jerks him off.

Deep-throating cousin Chris all the way in her mouth down to the base and balls, while Paul is fingering away at her cunt as she bends over blowing. At which point Penelope gives the lads a dare for both of them, which is for them both to spunk on her glasses at the same time.

So, perched on her knees on the lounge floor, self-pleasuring her hole, both the lads have cock in hand, stroking away until they blast her glasses with their spunk.


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