Boyfriend gets a lesson in domination


Rhiannon Ryder and her boyfriend Sam are shooting for Pascal’s Sub Sluts but not just any ordinary porn, Rhiannon has brought her boyfriend along to teach him how to be more dominant and threat her more submissive with the help of Pascal White. On the PascalsSubSluts website, there’s a full weeks worth of Rhiannon Ryder: Starting Sunday with the trailer, Monday’s the interview, Tuesday solo pics, Wednesday solo vid, Thursday fuck scene, Friday fuck pics and Saturday extras. Pascal’s Sub Sluts website is dedicated to rough porn, filmed from a pokey little flat in the UK. Pascal brings two of his friends to the PSS porn flat, Rhiannon Ryder in tight & tiny denim shorts and equally minute crop top. Sam’s here as he wants to learn from the best when it comes to making Rhiannon a submissive slut. Rhiannon has done a few shoots with Pascal and it’s very evident at how sub she is and how much she enjoys rough fucking, but unfortunately her real boyfriend Sam is not, he’s just not hard enough! Rhiannon has no trouble embarrassing her partner by revealing he’s not very rough, such as when he tries to choke her, she has to grab his hands and make him choke her harder. ” He’s pretty rubbish”, are own her words on BF Sam. Pascal begins the domination lesson by pulling RiRi’s hair with one hand and grabbing her throat with his other, pulls her close before spitting on her face and throwing her down on to the sofa. Pascal gives a couple of demonstrations with this move before throwing her to Sa and practically knocks him over too. Another demo, stating that if you can hear her breathing, you are not choking her hard enough. Sam gives what he has just seen a go, he doesn’t do a bad job but you can tell he’s no natural Dom. Pascal and Sam take it in turns to strangle her throat and throwing Rhiannon to each other so they can take it in turns. Pascal gets Ri in a choker and instructs Sam to spit in her face, but it’s a little bit feeble, so makes him do it again, more forceful until he’s properly spitting in her face like he does! Sam’s turn to choke her and spit on her while Pascal rips down her top, exposing her tiny chest and slaps her tit. Pascal ask sub Rhiannon “is he doing it hard enough” but he isn’t so is make to strangle her harder. Next Rhiannon is made to get down on her knees for the face-fucking lesson, Sam slides his floppy cock in and out of her mouth and to the back of her throat, while grabbing her head and fucking her face, you can hear her gagging with the deepthroat, then pulls her hair and forces her head to help get himself deeper to his balls in her mouth. The cameraman instructs Rhiannon to act like a good slut and arch her back while she’s getting her throat fucked, this allows Pascal to work some more spanks on her already bright and rosy red arse cheeks, making her moan from the pain and pleasure of a good spanking. While Sam’s got his dick on her mouth still, Pascal chokes her some more, but Pascal is getting a little frustrated with it not being dominant enough, so pulls her to him to use, on her knees and made to suck his hard cock before she gets roughly fucked, Sam’s made to listen to her pussy squelching while getting dicked as a sign of stimulation and pleasure, proof Rhiannon loves being a submissive slut. Submissive RiRi continues to get her pussy ploughed by Pascal, with some face slapping, withdraws his dick and rams his curved fingers into her pussy and g-spot to make her squirt and gush before giving her some more of his dick. Sam is quiet watching for a while, probably a little uncomfortable having to watch his GF getting treat so rough by another man, but is soon encouraged to call her a slut while she’s getting a hard banging. Once Pascal’s finished with his slut he lets Sam have a turn at fucking, to see if he can be more of a rough fuck!? Rhiannon rides her BF’s dick, hands behind her back while sam has his around her neck, allowing Pascal to give her cheeks a good slapping. Pascal acknowledges that Sam is getting better and being more dominant with his slut, Rhiannon’s toned core looks great as she uses her tummy muscles to ride her boyfriends dick, her arse is marked bad from the spanking, she tries to keep putting her hand in the way to stop her arse from being spanked but it just makes Pascal give her it harder. She’s made to ram that dick while Pascal spreads her arse hole for the camera. Rhiannon is finished off, fucked bent over the chair in just her cute little frilly cotton socks, before been spit-roasted and deep-throat-fucked by Sam’s not big hard dick, obviously seeing his mrs being made to be a sub slut does it for him as much as her. The hardcore MMF porn scene ends with Rhiannon using a wand vibrator on her pussy, on her knees, mouth open wide ready to receive Pascal’s and her boyfriends cum in her mouth.

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  1. I would consider booking Pascal White escort services to do a domination lesson, just like in this video. I would love an out call to my place for our anniversary to come and dominate my wife and teach me how to be more dominant with her. She is a natural submissive and it reveals the slut in her, unfortunately i’m not confident in making her be as submissive as she needs.

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