Curvy Gal Submissive for it in the Ass


Pascal is patiently waiting for his overdue sub slut to arrive, so makes the most by preening his attire, basically licking his finger and cleaning old PascalsSubSluts spunk stains from the flies area of his trousers.

its getting a bit ridiculous how late this weeks submissive is, Andy & Pascal are convinced she does it on purpose as to give an excuse for her to be punished more.

Eventually, Curvy Gal graces the guys with her presence, an excuse of sucking off her tutor detention is fitting, especially as she love the DD;lg play, so starts off by creating the impression she’s a school slut.

She explains that she was caught behind his desk, blowing him off in her mouth, her tutor is in his 50′, a black dude, of course he was!

so not only has this filth bag need some disciplining for being late, blowing-off her chemistry teacher, but also the fact that the £80 hotel room she’s booked to be fucked in, is a shoebox shit hole.

Curvy Gal submits and gets on all-fours on the bed with her big arse to the cam, a tiny tartan skirts shows her transparent patnies, which in turn shows the huge arse crack of her trunk.

The spanking starts, telling her off for the room been the size of a matchbox, and for eighty pounds too, Pascal pulls her hair and forces her head into the pillow and takes some of his frustrations out on her curvy phat white booty.

Next the slut is told to wobble her arse, Pascal pulls the crotch of her panties tight up her arse crack as she jiggles her thick bum all over the place, her arse cheeks booty-clap a little, also loving the wobbling of her tummy dangling underneath too!

“I’m a big arse wobbly girl”, she is told to speak to the camera. “Ands, I’m a big arsed wobbly slut”, which is a bang-on description of what you are watching right now.

After a good hard spanking while she wobbles her junk about, she is told to show off what she has in her school backpack, Pascal pulls on her pigtails as she’s made to get out her sex & submissive toys.

First out of her sachet are some pegs, obviously to peg her various body parts, then out of the bag is a big black dildo, which is fitting as she’s obviously into black men! Pascal grans the dong and rams it in her mouth with force and begins jerking it about and shoving it down her throat.

Pascal’s rough dildo deepthroating her, he pushes it really hard down her throat, but she claims to be used to bigger BBC, her tutors is bugger apparently.

If you’re into watching a slut being made to deep-throat a big black dildo in a very rough way, then this is one of the scenes for you. Curvy Gal is soon spitting her drool, laced with the tint of her slutty bright lipstick, with her huge floppy tits out, they’re soon catching her sloppy mess.

Curvy Gal is a goo girl soon, frothing the jet black cock in mouth, but they decide to give her some air and reveal what else is hidden in her back of toys. A ball gag, which is tried for size ready for when she’s screaming. A black butt plug, a metal jewelled butt plug, which Pascal takes a particular liking to, making her put it straight in, he assists by spreading her holes, spitting on her anus, bulls-eye, right on the hole, before she inserts it into her ass hole.

Giving her sphincter time to relax with the help of the butt plug, Curvy Gal is made to show her deep-throating skills on some real cock, white though unfortunately. She is soon gagging on real flesh and nearing her time to become an anal sub slut.


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