Cutie Cupcake Cherry


Cutie pie Cherry English is going door-to-door selling cupcakes for a dog shelter charity. She shouldn’t really be dressed as she is, such a young looking girl, in skimpy, scantily clad, knocking on the doors of mucky older men, who are willing to buy more than just a cupcake of this little sweetie.

Having seen Andy & Pascal at the flat window, she doesn’t let on that she has, but conveniently makes her way to knocking on their door. Pascal answering to her, asked if he wants to buy some cupcakes, he invites her upstairs into the dirty flat to buy some of her buns.

After exchanging cash and getting some of her homemade cupcakes for himself and Andy, who has the camera POV voyeur, peeking through the crack of the office door, spy filming Cherry.

After Pascal has had a sample of the goods, he offers to give the tired Cherry a massage. So she happily sits in between his legs and lets him start by giving her a shoulder run. She’s so cute & innocent, he is soon rubbing more than just her shoulder, having worked his hands down to her boobs.

Andy is eager to get a closer look than he can see from the confines of his voyeuristic spot, and can’t hold off making his presence known, any longer. So announces himself and gets close up with the cam, in-between Cherry’s legs, Pascal by now is massaging her naked breasts, the lens placed in the crotch of Cherry, in her tight pink mini-shorts.

Cherry English soon confesses that she knew they were both in the flat, all along, it’s evident that she’s manipulated the mucky old men into this situation, especially as she likes the age difference and age-playing, acting all young for old sexually.


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