Dad, Brother & Step-Sister Roleplay 3-some


Aaron, Pascal’s son, and his step-sister Cat Collar are at daddy’s porn flat, both meant to be doing some decorating, Aaron is like a chip off the old block, he knows what Daddy P does and admits to having watched all his dad porn vids online, Cat on the other hand dines’t come clean as to whether she’s watched her step-dad stuff, she doesn’t seem too bother though, he’s just married her mother.

Andy enquires as to Aarons credentials in comparison to his father, he claims he’s not only a chip off the old block, but boldly stats he’s better and wastes no time in trying to prove his genetics, by giving Andy a live show with his step-sister, he grabs her off and begins handling his half-family.

Andy attempts to half the proceedings or perversions, before it becomes incest pornography which he is filming, they’ll throw the book at him! But Aaron and Cat admit its not the first time they’ve explore some brother & sister sexual exploration, so he lets them carry on.

They have no shame in keeping their secret incest relationship on the down-low, they’re always fucking and making plenty of noise, so its possible that even dad Pascal knows his son & daughter are having a sexual relationship.

It’s not long before the sister is sucking her brothers cock, filthy old fucker Andy is loving this, the camera still rolling and filming Aaron with his half-sisters lips around his dick getting a blowjob off his dads new wife daughter.

When daddy gets home, you know the result, Cat getting spit-roasted by step-dad-and-brother, she’s made to teabag bros balls while her step-daddy is hard fucking and roughing her up.

listen out for the enquiry “I thought you were meant to be painting?” from Pascal, to which son Aaron replies “well, she’s got my fucking brush in her mouth” haha!

Pascal makes Cat rim his sons arse hole, “not around the arse, stick your fucking tongue in it!”, Aaron instructs her, which she more than willingly submits to.

it’s not long before Cat is sating “Thank you Daddy”, riding his bare cock, before getting fucked while sucking her bruv, who takes charge of the camera for some POV incest dad, son, half-sister, steps-sister MMF threesome.

After getting roasted some more and her clit given a Doxy massage wand vibe, step-dad pascal watches her take his sons spunk in her mouth and on her face for a classic PSS ending.


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