Little girl messy with lollipop


She’s 22, but obviously knows how much younger she looks, perfect ageplay fantasy & role-play including DD/lg escort, Cherry English, innocently enjoys her lollypop before she gets messy, with the help of Pascal White.

She stands, in bright red heels, white cotton, schoolgirl style, frilly ankle socks, a tiny pair of pink denim shorts, a crop top. She confirms her age of 22, but she can role-play “how ever old you would like me to be!”, as she enjoys the sugar syrup from sucking her lolly.

Her dyed ginger hair is suitably in pigtails, with red bows, Andy commands her to stick her tongue out, as far as it will go, tilt her head back and spank her tongue with her lollipop.

She’s here today to be Pascal’s Sub Slut, who comments on how yummy she is, which is a common way for men to describe her, usually its the attention of men a lot older that she wants to be given the attention of, “between 38 and 55” is the age of the older men she has a preference for.

Pulling her tiny shorts up the crack of her arse, she admits that she is into any old men, polite older gentleman or grubby, dirty old men – either, she’s not bothered. It clear its just the age she’s bothered about and the fact she is younger but can act even younger for them.

“Wiggle that arse bitch!”, she is not allowed to stop until they tell her to stop and like the good girl she is, she does exactly that. Like a jelly, she twerks her young little arse before daddy Dom grabs and spanks it.

With Andy at the controls of the camera, looking up at her from down below, Pascal pulls up her top and reveals her breasts, the perfect point of view of her underboobs, before she is allowed to display them herself, still with the lollipop in between the bite of her teeth, she is starting to drool.

Her enhanced boobs are soon dripping with the pink sugary dribble from her lolly, then after she is made to put her hands behind her back and begin shaking her boobs up and down a little, theres more drops of drool that begin making her tits messy. Andy and Pascal take it in turns to hold the lolly stick and put the pop in and out of her mouth, which only causes more syrupy drool to drip down her chest.


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