Escort Anastasia Lux gets Pounded


Portuguese porn star escort in Bayswater, London, Anastasia Lux is the real deal and there’s plenty of passion to go around, she’s a thick & curvy beauty, with big boobs and a chunk arse, thighs and a real body to match her assets and attitude.

Watch her become a Pascal’s Sub Slut, from the confines of a dingy council flat, but what answers the door is not what you would expect, considering the setting. A real fit-as-fuck thick-set slut, dressed to impress answers the door to Pascal and Andy (filming the porn shoot).

Anastasia and Pascal waste no time at all in getting it on, they’ve wanted to fuck each other for a long time, having previously met but not fucked and Anastasia is eager to earn some money and become on of his subsluts!

They warm up with some real sensual kissing, tongues and all, Andy filming is jealous and getting horny just watching her sensuality, she’s gorgeous and real cute with it, that passion of Portugal shows.

Anastasia has confessed she likes to be submissive and wants to submit to a man, but has never been properly fucked rough before, so Pascal while kissing makes his move, grabbing her by the throat and applying some pressure, she is very responsive to dominance, eyes closed showing she’s losing herself in the moment.

Moving to the sofa, check out her attire, a lace see-through tight vest top that along with the bras underneath, hammocks her big chest a treat. A really short tight skirt works it’s way up her thick thighs as she sits down and spreads her legs a little. Her clothing really compliments her tight yet thick and curvy physique.

Pascal continues to foreplay with dominance, had round her neck, kissing and beginning to rough things up, she starts to explore his cock hard within his trousers, she strokes his erecting shaft through the fabric, familiarising herself with what’s about to penetrate her harder than she’s ever had!

Anastasia is made to spread her legs, flashing her panties, see the pubic hair, she’s a full bush, hairs showing out the sides of her knickers, Pascal begins to rub her pussy, before the pace gets going and she’s soon got some cock in her hand and sucking on it.

During the shoot the phone begins to ring, it’s probably a punter calling her on 07933510171 to book an escorting meet with this fresh porn slut, but she rightly ignores it as she’s been paid to be a porn slut for PascalsSubSluts today!

Witness Anastasia Lux really fucking, she rides cock like nobodies business, she’s got the hips, arse and thighs to ride a big cock, before being bent over her sofa arm and given it doggy-style, her big arse is the perfect cushioning to slam against and fuck hard, listen to her moan as she’s getting rammed.

Anastasia then lays in the corner of her sofa while Pascal plunges her hole deep and vigorously, her big tittles swaying with the banging, her pussy is given a real slamming like she wanted, her hair-pulled whilst being pounded, while she’s tied up with bondage tape.

The porn scene is finished off with the customary PSS cum-shot, Anastasia CIM oral and swallow, like a good fuck slut!


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