Subslut Amber Deen


Naughty nymph Amber Deen has ventured down from Aberdeen to shoot some submissive slut porn with Pascal White for his official site

Amber first off introduces herself, “Hi guys, my name’s Amber and today I’m going to be a Pascal’s Subslut” in her cure Scottish accent.

This wee bonnie lassie from up the highlands is no stranger to the red lights of the London, a seasoned pornstar, albeit fresh, she admits that she’s never really explored any rough porn or sex, with her boyfriends usually several years younger than her, fresh themselves, barely legal, no pubic hair, smooth chests and virgin-like, she prefers 17/18 year olds, before they have fully grown up, once they get all hairy, she moves on to the next youth.

Amber does her rough sex scene, dressed, well decorated, in some tiny, frilly, little sexy maid style accessories, eager to service, she gets more than she’s bargained for with PascalsSubSluts – deepthroating and getting her throat fucked until her face is smothered in her spit, claiming she’s genuinely going to be sick at any moment, “no you’re not!”, state Pascal and Andy, who are eager for her to be humiliated.

Amber’s given a good slapping, spanking, strangling and her arms, thighs and arse grabbed & squeezed. Her face is fucked, slammed up-and-down on Pascal’s big dick, she’s given some rough doggy-style, she’s soon getting used to being given it hard, “I’m a nasty, fucking whore!”, says Amber, while riding on-top, while Pascal has his hands wrapped around her neck.

Watch her cute little peach of an arse working her pussy on some thick cock, check out her cute white cotton frilly ankle socks and sexy as fuck stripper heels. How angelic she looks, tiny petite frame and small boobs, but she’s a real feisty fucking hoe.

After taking it hard, made to feel as disgusting as possible on film for porn, she’s fucked on the window cill, hopefully some members of the public are watching her getting fucked, but that’s not enough, Pascal makes her piss on camera, holding her bowl while her urine pisses out of her pussy.

Amber Deen finished off her subset experience with the traditional PSS stamp on her breast, right after her mouth is filled with Pascal’s fresh spunk, which like all the sluts, is made to swallow.


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