Phoenix & Bambi Spoil BB Punter demanding cash


Yorkshire sluts Phoenix Madin from Leeds, easily recognisable with her tattoos and green hair is rising Bambi Blacks in Sheffield with her bareback punter.

On Bambi’s dining table, Phoenix is spreading her legs and bare cunt accepting some raw cock to penetrate her uncovered, Bambi assisting to spread her legs, in black stockings and rubs her thighs and around her penetrated hole.

Phoenix is loving being fucked BB, enjoying the presence of another escort who is watching her getting barebacked, allowing her fellow whore to give her big fake boobs a sucking.

It’s not long before the punters spunked and getting cleaned up, sucked hard by Bambi so that she sucks out every last drop of spunk, she insists that he has being spilt and that he needs to leave some money on the table, insisting they need a big tip in cash for the great MFF escorting services they’ve just provided him.

One thought on “Phoenix & Bambi Spoil BB Punter demanding cash

  1. What’s happened to phenix and where is she working, AW profile gone, other profiles too, even her Twitter is set to private. Has something happened?

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