Schoolgirl Blowing Bubble Gum


Cherry is the cutest of cute London age roleplay and school girl fantasy adult service providers.

Wearing a grey pinafore school uniform, white blouse, she lays on in her bed chewing bubble gum & blowing bubbles, popping her gum.

She also a balloon tied to something beneath her dress, which she slowly lifts to reveal her white panties party pulled-down and the string of the ballon is leading to a cock dildo that is penetrating her pussy.

The balloon is decorated with text saying “Use Me”!

She continues to blow bubbles with her bubbly, using her finger to pop, leaving the popped gum stick to her lip, you get to see a close-up of the gum on her lips, and tongue with the gum as she eats it back into her mouth.

Cherry the Doll

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