Birth of an Anal Superslut


Phoenix Madina is slutted up in suede heels, fishnet ankle stockings & pantyhose, tight denim shorts, pink crop vest top, strap bra and ball gag restraint in her big plump lips. Showing off her chest and next tattoos, Pascal’s sub sluts film guy wants to see more so pulls down her top to show of one of her cute little boobs, in peep bra. Phoenix begins slow arousal with some feeling and rubbing of herself, her boobs and genital region, Pascal’s video man uses a finger to tug on the waist band of her jean shorts, indicating her wants to see more so she needs to strip, she fails to comply so Pascal’s cameraman grabs a hold of her throat and pins up her against the bathroom door, she’s soon compliant and beginning to submit, unbuttoning her shorts, unzipping the flies and taking them down her long fishnet stocking clad legs, turning around to give a show of her curvy medium-sized bum. Bending over, Phoenix spreads her arse crack to show off her pussy and anal hole, the effect of her fresh holes underneath the fishnet look amazing, her holes look well used and a true mark of a genuine slut whore, especially that arse hole, the uneven ring shows that she’s experienced at A-levels sex, having had plenty of punters cocks in her ass. Pascal gives her bum a spank, she continues to show off her pussy and ass, her pussy is like netted meat from the butchers, she slaps her own pussy, before sitting spread-legged on the toilet and has the gusset of her pantyhose ripped a hole in exposing her vagina. The cameraman filming her then sticks his fingers down her throat and makes her gag and nearly puke, he wants her to be a good little piss slut and take a wee on the toilet in this pascalssubsluts porn shoot. Then Pascal gets in on the sub slut action and is ready to make her submit to his penis, face-fucking her skull and throating her deep making her gag-reflex over and over, she makes a mess. Watch her plump fake filler over-sized lips eat cock and deepthroated to make her drool all over Pascal’s cock, dribbling spit everywhere. Next she’s given a good spanking with a leather spanker paddle, so much so that she uses her safe word during the shoot to indicate that she’s reached her limit, but is soon taking another set of spanks, until she’s clearly had enough and feeling the pain. So next is a test to see her A levels with some anal submission. Pascal penetrates her anus unprotected, her anus is tight, it’s evident, her eyes closed as Pascal thrusts her anal hole, pulling her hair while he anal fucks her, she’s made to spread her cunt like a nasty little slut while she’s made into an anal superslut, as if rough anal sex isn’t humiliating enough, he spits straight in her face while bang her backdoor, taking it harder and faster, he then gives her a slap across the face, her boobs are grabbed hard. Phoenix is then marked and stamped with the “PascalsSubSluts” stamp on her little titty, she is soon to have a boob job, but still they’re cute, humiliated and branded Pascal’s submissive slut, she’s made to kneel on the floor, play with her cunt while sucking dick, choked, deep-throating, gagging, called names and told what to do, she’s only half an hour before having to catch a train home, so Pascal makes her suck on his balls while he wanks himself and when ready makes her open her mouth so he can spunk in her.

Pascals Sub Sluts

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