Noisy Neighbour


Candi Kayne has called in on neighbour Andy, who is joined by Pascal White, to apologise for been such a whore restaurant owner net door and making too much noise and partying too much and is keen to offer her services to, wanting to offer a physical apology by granting them the use of her as a sub-slut.

Shortly after she is invited into the flat, she is soon on her knees, armed with a big bottle of mineral water, instead of drinking it, she hydrates herself, mainly around the breast area, pouring the water down the top of her tight white shirt, which soon offers up a view of her busty attributed underneath.

Pascal snatches the bootle off her to prevent her flooding the flat and drenching the iconic carpet too much, he decides to take a swig, filling his mouth which her spits into Candi’s, filling her mouth up until it overflows down her chin and cascades onto her big boobs.

Candi reveals she is a real filthy girl and puts it down to the fact that she is half-Turkish, which would account for some of her Mediterranean features, dark hair and olive skin.

Candi seems to love sticking her fingers down her throat and nearly making herself sick, choking and spluttering, Pascal helps her by strangling her before obliging to uses his own fingers and ramming them down her throat while calling her “a nasty little fuck whore”.

Andy gets in on the finger deep throating action, so that both himself and Pascal both have their hands in her mouth and fingering her throat trying to make her gag and make a real mess.

This is the kind of treatment that Candi Kayne enjoys, she is a real sub in her normal sex life, she enjoys being fucked like a submissive whore, so you can see why Pascal is a little more rougher than usual when he gets his cock out and proceeds to giving her a face-full of his dick, he is keen to make her take all of his cock, be face-fucked, deep-throated and making Candi choke cock as much as is possible.

You should hear the non-stop gagging noises Candi makes, so audible, especially complimented by the sound of slapping as Andy is giving her arse a spanking as she is swallowing big white cock.

She is good ride too too, a spectacle of thicc arse bouncing Pascal’s fuck stick, she loves that cock inside her cunt, so much so that she is soon creaming the cock like a good little hoe, Pascal encourages her to ride as good as she can by calling her “a nasty little slut” and giving her boobs a slapping.

Candi seems to have an urge to wanna throw-up all over the fucker, she can’t help but sticking her fingers down her throat as she is fucking, Pascal has his tie around her neck and is noosing her to help her choke, which arouses her making her cum on his cock, leaving his dick even whiter.

Pascal hasn’t finished with her yet though, theres plenty more rough fucking in many positions, she even gets to climax some more when she is armed with a wand vibe for her clit while her pussy is getting kicked.

Pascal then bores her face, drilling his dick down her neck, making her make a real mess of herself, her spit & drool sprees out down her face, but as she is upside down, her eye and head end up plastered in the spit.

Fucked, choked, strangled and generally roughed-up, she looks like a real Pascal Sub Slut, passed the test with flying colours, what a way to make an apology, even after struggling to swallow all of P’s spunk, she needed him to force it in her mouth to make her swallow it, but she did it, she got the PascalsSubSlut stamp of approval.


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