Pascal Abuse of Subslut April


Subslut April Paisley is thought to be in trouble shacked up with bad-boy boyfriend, so after her mum contacts one of her ex’s Pascal White, who has also had a pop at April, asking for him to check up on her, Dr P and PSS cameraman Andy hit April’s BF house and catch her in by herself. Introducing themselves in, Pascal dominates April and gives her abuse until, domination, rough sex, humiliation, degradation, face-fucking, deep-throating, slapping, spanking, spitting, until she’s a true submissive skank ready to agree to dump her boyfriend and leave him!


One thought on “Pascal Abuse of Subslut April

  1. Who is April Paisley’s mum as she is mentioned in the video, got me thinking if she’s in porn or a prossie?

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