Sub Cat Collar Greater Pain & Pleasure


Pascal’s in for a treat, he’s blessed with the presence of Cat Collar, as he’s filming scenes for his website (, having a genuine sub like Cat as his sub slut – You’re in for a treat!

A gorgeous submissive, adorned with various tattoos over her slim body, with red dyed hair, dressed in white sexy frilly lingerie and white hold-up stockings, Pascal shows you her little bum, spinning the swivel chair on which she’s kneeling, notice how red her bum cheeks are already from just a spank or two.

The Master Pascal begins asserting his dominance on his sub-slut, grabs her hair and gives her face a hard slap, again her slaps her, hard too, and tells her to look at the camera, before he disappears around the back of her and lands his palm once again on her arse, firmly, resulting in her satisfying shriek.

Cat is given proper spanks, not just some half-asses efforts for some fake sub porn, she’s an experienced submissive, or at least claims to be – guess we’ll see how much more she can handle.

She’s spanked, slapped, gets her face spat on, you can tell her sub senses have come alive, her heavy breathing from not only the pain, but also its apparent to see her, thats there a lot of pleasure, sexual gratification been had, not only by her, but Pascal is aroused by her submissiveness and is soon stiffening-up inside his pants.

Grabbing her by the throat, cutting off her air, being spanked, Pascal knows exactly how long to choke hold, testing her limits, but he continues spanking her, her cheeks must be stinking by now!?

Pascal once again swivels her around for the camera, showing her freshly spanked arse, it’s red-raw, bruised, the blood has come to the surface, it looks sore and like you would expect the behind of a spanked sub slut.

But, her arse markings aren’t all that it seems, having just receiving a good slapping, some of the marks are evidence that she’s being get spanked before this porn shoot, already bruised. Andy is not impressed that they are paying her good money to do porn and expected her arse fresh and untouched recently for them.

If you think you’ve seen enough hard spanking, then you may want to turn this video off right now, as Pascal isn’t finished, he’s gone and got his leather spanking paddle to use on her too. Her already marked arse is going to feel the sting of a slap paddle.

After her butt is owed by Pascal, he unleashes his cock & balls through the flies of his trousers and gets her to start by licking his balls, he then drops his kegs and sits on her face, making her clean his arse hole, face-sitting her. The cameraman Andy uses her pre-occupied situation as a chance to grab a grope of her titties himself and slapping her pierced nipples.

After ramming his length & girth down her throat, she’s put on display like a red-light whore in Amsterdam, bent-over the windowsill and gets fucked hard in her pussy, getting more spanks.

She’s then made to ride him while he sits, look at her pussy sink onto his big cock, her botty is rosy raw, before getting smashed and doggy fucked, this sub slut is the real deal and was able to take one of the more extreme spank sessions, which will surely leave her marked, bruised and likely unable to sit for some time!


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